About me

I’m 38 years old and I’m a researcher by nature and profession. The latter has actually nothing to do with the beauty industry, nor medicine or chemistry field. In terms of skincare, I’m just an avid user that combined research skills with a passion, which resulted in an addiction for »smart skincare« and beauty topics in general. So basically everything you’ll get from me, will be backed up by research, as we don’t trust label and marketing promises here! Nevertheless, my posts will never represent the absolute truth, as my knowledge is always »under construction«.


My passion for skincare and beauty in general started in 2005 on the Planet Lepote beauty forum, where I was also a moderator, a role that I’m now occupying in the Facebook group Ljubim kozmetiko. After all those years of being a »smartass« on those platforms, I decided to make one of my own. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Anti-aging and skincare are my biggest passion, so expect a lot of posts within this topics, including product and treatment reviews. Keep in mind that my skin has »special needs«, as I have dry and sensitive skin with atopic dermatitis and that a product or treatment that suits me, might not be suitable for you (your skin is special too in its own terms), but still, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of useful tips and information.

My reviews and recommendations are always unbiased, as my opinion cannot be bought.


Tixi is my nickname from high school, that makes me feel young again, which I believe is the key ingredient for effective anti-aging.

Badass Beauty

My Boss once described me as a »no-nonsense lady«, which I just translated in my language – Badass!