The Anti-aging secret

Or the answer to the question which cosmetic product will make your wrinkles go away. Well, none. And I’m really sorry about that, as I’d be the first to order a full tanker of it.


For effective anti-aging prevention is paramount and prevention is mostly composed of taking really good care of your skin – the sooner the better!

Quality and organization

That of course, mostly means using quality skincare products, but even the most effective ones will not do the magic, if not well combined within an effective skincare routine.

For example – tretinoin (a form of Vitamin A), is currently the holy grail in the anti-aging skincare, but if you don’t incorporate it smartly in your skincare routine and use sunscreen diligently, it will do much more harm than good. The point – you need good organization too!

So, that's it then?

Nope, even if you use the most powerful actives combined in a perfect routine. it is still highly unlikely that you’ll wake up one day without wrinkles and sagging that will occur in due time. All the claimed positive effects of cosmetic products are more or less limited in terms of skin penetration. Our skin is our shield from insults from the environment and therefore it is not so eager to look away and just absorb anything we put on it. If it did, we would die before getting old enough to do any skincare (I know, drama llama again!)

Nevertheless, a well planned quality skincare routine will give you a healthy, glowing skin that can look a decade younger even if your smile gives you some wrinkles. And if you start soon enough you can significantly delay the natural skin aging process. Look at it as an investment or a lifestyle choice, a long-term project. Like you take care of your health or body appearance. There is no instant miracle cure!

Skin care and...

If you top an effective skincare routine with periodical laser and peeling treatments you can be absolutely sure, that there will be results. There are also some powerful supplements out there and last but not least, some moderate aesthethic procedures like botox or fillers, don’t hurt either. Sometimes just a sprinkle of the right substance in the right hands can make a major positive difference. The key is always balance and moderation. We absolutley don’t aim for »too much, too late«.

How effective prevention looks like? Think J.Lo. How »too much to late« looks like?” Well, I won’t be mean – just think about some overdone celebrities

Feeling overwhelmed?

Does all this sound rather complicated? Feeling overwhelmed? I remember I definitely did! With so many products, treatments, procedures and information it is normal to feel overwhelmed or even stressed. But keep in mind, that you can always keep it as simple as you’re comfortable with without pulling the short straw on effectiveness. I will try to help you with that with my content! I know that might sound rather ludicrous, minding my skincare experiments and hauls, but hey! Someone’s got to do all the hard exploration work, to narrow down the best!

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