The #realskin project

My precious baby needs to find a special space on the blog, hence, here we are. A word or two, and some beautiful photos about the best thing on Tixibeauty – the project #realskin.

A selection of #realskin #pravakoža Vol. 1

We need more #realskin

#realskin or as it goes by its local name #pravakoža, is a project on my Instagram account that promotes – surprise, surprise, real skin and bodies. Social media is full of photoshopped, filtered photos and videos that can be a source of unrealistic expectations and frustrations, even shame. It can be especially tough on younger women and teenagers, that might feel the pressure to look like their »perfect« role models. I wasn’t even aware of the increasing importance of this problem, that is systematically destroying the self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance of millions of women around the globe, until one day in 2019. On this day I saw a post in our Facebook group »Ljubim kozmetiko« that blew my mind….

Some fine real bottoms from the #ritecelulite cellulite edition

How it began

There was this girl with beautiful skin and perfectly normal pores, that was looking for a solution for large, ugly pores. I took my phone and made a photo of my pores, posted it on her thread and wrote that we both have perfectly normal pores and lovely skin. The thought that there could be millions of girls out there, obsessing around a perfectly normal skin condition, made me sad and angry. So I’ve put my pores on my Instastories and that’s basically how it begun. After sharing my skin, I’ve also invited my beautiful followers to share their pores if they feel like it, so we can show what is perfectly normal and OK. 

I didn’t expect much but it exploded, so many women understood the urge to share something real, and so many were thankful to get a glimpse of reality in a sea of fake. I could never foresee such selflessness and courage, and much less how much good will it do. And it grew! We already have 7 of them and much more coming.

Tiger stripes of some beautiful ladies for #mojestrije, the stretchmarks editions

How it works

We usually dedicate a weekend to our perfect imperfections and I share them on my Instastories. Each initiative has a topic like acne, stretchmarks, veins etc. and the participants send me their photos, which I post anonymously. Some even decide to be really bold and share their imperfections and experiences on their own stories. Together we produce a stream of stories with loads of real bodies and skins! #realstagram at its best!

A selection of hyperpigmentations from #mojifleki

Since photos tell more than a thousand words, feel free to check all the past initiatives. They are in Slovene, but hey, photos are international! Click, click:

The veins edition #moježilice

The thanks

The girls thank me, send me beautiful messages full of gratitude and love, but in the end, I’m really just a messenger that acted on an impulse. The truth is, I can’t never thank them enough, because #pravakoža is them. There’s no #pravakoža without all their inputs, selflessness and courage. Among them, there are some with truly heartbreaking stories, that show us how silly we are sometimes, obsessing over minor inconveniences, like some cellulite or a few pimples. It’s eye opening and as real as it gets.

It fulfills my heart each time, It made me cry a million times and it makes me feel like I’m finally doing something that really matters. We are absolutely making a meaningful positive change here! It also helps ME on so many levels, so don’t thank ME, I  thank all of YOU, that have already been a part of this project from the bottom of my heart.

Coctail of perfect imperfections from the #mojeposebnosti edition

Feel free to join us!

The initiative is on every month and a half. With each initiative I also find some goodies to share –  the so called courage rewards for a few lucky participants. You can join us any time! The next initiative will be mid March and the next topic is Acne. Come for your dose of reality or contribute to it. Or just spread the positive message.

The body hair edition #mojekocine


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