The »rocket science« behind my reviews

I have a really special bond with testing and reviews (if I’d use a word fetish at this point it wouldn’t be totally off), so I would like to say a word about my reviewing »system«.

Basic principles

First I’d like to point out my basic principles when reviewing a subject:

  • I only test products, treatments and gadgets that I deem suitable in terms of quality
  • I write a review only after a suitable amount of time invested in testing, depending on the subject. Suitable mostly meaning long enough to appraise all possible short & longer term characteristics of the subjects
  • I don’t believe in perfect cosmetic products or perfect cosmetic lines, albeit I’m looking forward to surprises

Review Recap!

Second, my reviews are composed of a (classic) moderately detailed explanation and a review recap. The latter is perfect if you’re not into reading, as is mostly a nice picture with a few stars and key information about the subject:

Star reviews

The review subject collects stars in the following categories for each product type:

Cosmetic products review categories:

  • Ingredients: are the ingredients good?
  • Packaging: is the packaging suitable, practical, hygenic, etc.?
  • Texture: is the texture suitable, too thick, heavy etc.?
  • Price vs. Performance: does the effectiveness match the price?

Beauty gadget review categories:

  • How to use: is it easy to use, is it comfortable to use, etc.?
  • Quality: is it well-made, from quality materials, etc.?
  • Maintenance: is it low maintenance, is it sustainable, etc.?
  • Price vs. Performance: does the performance match the price?

Treatment review categories

  • Service: is the person performing the treatment nice, professional, was the treatment pleasant, etc.?
  • Product Quality: are the products used in the treatment of good quality?
  • Results: are the results visible, satisfaction with results, etc.?
  • Price vs. Performance: does the performance match the price?

The maximum number of stars is 5 and minimum 1 in each category. Upon the total number of stars, the subject gets also a recap review with my expression:

1-7 stars:  Amm, nope

8-15 stars:  Hmm, Okay

16-20 stars: Tixiapproved

Key information

Beside the stars review, key infomation is also provided: price, origin, where to buy etc.

Check how the whole package looks in one of my reviews! And if you can spare a minute, please tell me what you think.

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