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Except for a brief period in my teens that I’ve regretted bitterly I’ve always had long hair. It is very fine but thick and straight like spaghetti. While I love my hair, all that long and straight gets really boring. And you know what is also boring? Drying all that thick hair three times a week! Because it takes ages! So this post is mostly about how to avoid being bored to death by your hair.

My boredom was chased away by a few Bellissima hair styling products. I’ve tried a few and these three I use on daily basis and make me and my hair really happy. Especially the curling devices are real game-changers for me! So let’s just cut to the chase.

My Bellissima Family


I’ll start with the basic haircare device – the hairdryer. I use it very often and my hair is never in a hurry to dry. That’s why I need a hairdryer that is fast and furious, but it doesn’t damage my hair. My previous hairdryer was just okay in this terms, but as a few months ago I had an opportunity to try the new Bellissima My Pro Ceramic baby, I didn’t hesitate to give it a go. And I’m glad I did, because it became my first choice hairdryer. My reasons why:

  • It is fast enough. A little slower than my oldie, but just for about a minute, which I don’t even notice. It takes about 11 minutes to dry my hair, which is acceptable for me.
  • It really takes care of my hair: that’s basically the main reason I’ve decided to keep this baby instead of my oldie. Because after I use it, my hair is smoother and less dried out. It is just silky smooth and somehow moisturized. It looks like its ceramic technology really works and it isn’t just marketing talk! Any damage is out of the picture, despite regular use on the highest heat setting. My oldie had strange heat settings where the heat on the 2nd setting was to cold and on the 3rd (highest) was too hot, which me and my hair disliked. The 2nd didn’t dry fast enough, the 3rd was fast all right but too hot, especially in summer.
  • It has a long cord: very important for me, because I dry my hair all comfy on the couch.
  • Safe also for your skin: it doesn’t overheat anywhere.

It isn’t perfect though, because it is heavy (my oldie was heavy too). But professional AC motors are heavy. This doesn’t bother me the slightest (because couch), but you shall consider this if you’re more »on the go« while you dry your hair.

Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800, my weapon of choice for silky, moisturized hair

That’s my personal point of (hair)view of course, so there are some official technical specs that might help you decide if My Pro could be »the one«:

  • Ceramic Technology: capable of generating gentle heat that respects, protects and hydrates the hair while drying it. When heating up, ceramic naturally emits infrared heat, which, combined with the action of the ionizer, has an anti-frizz and anti-dry effect.
  • Professional ceramic concentrator and diffuser: narrow concentrator for styling, ceramic diffuser to give curls elasticity and a nozzle for drying.
  • Professional motor: the professional AC motor guarantees a long life to the hair dryer and a more powerful jet of air; combined with 2300W power, it offers quick and effective drying
  • Power: 2300W
  • Ion technology: Ion emission maintains hair hydration and helps reduce frizz
  • Ultraboost technology: The combination of the professional AC motor and the specifically designed fan accelerates air flow for fast drying and easier styling
  • Operating LED
  • 2 speeds, 3 temperatures: to customize drying
  • Cold air shot: to set your hair
  • Removable filter: for easier cleaning
  • Professional cord: 3 m


Available for 79,90€ in the Bellissima store. In Slovenia it is well discounted in the M-Tehnika store, and it costs 55,99€ which is a good deal!

Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800 has also a ceramic concentrator and diffuser

Now that our hair is all dry and pretty, let’s talk some Bellissima hairstyling!

Curls, baby!

All straight all the time is boring. I’ve always wanted some curls here and there, but I was never really successful. If by any chance I managed to make some curls, they went flat in 5 minutes and those ancient devices mostly just tangled and damaged my hair. Yeah, ancient, because I stopped trying like 20 years ago…

It was a really long-lasting mix of grudge and resignation until a few years ago. Oh well, it just took me almost a couple of decades to realize that the market of hairstyling devices has evolved since Yugoslavia fell apart [sarcasm on]. As an experiment I bought a cheap flat iron and started to curl my hair with the help of You Tube tutorials. That went surprisingly well, so started to have a little faith in modern hairstyling devices that would ease my hairstyles! And here we are, the sleeping beauty just woke up and tried a few devices that changed her hair for life. Now I can finally have lovely and long-lasting curls without damaging my hair and a nervous breakdown.

Why I am boring you with this story? Because I’m a rookie in this field, which means:

  • I have not tried other curling devices in my life (except for the cheap flat iron) and therefore…
  • I have no real practice with curling my hair. So I can say it is very easy to use these two!

Basically it is easy, but I can’t really compare. Still, I believe these are good devices that might help you achieve nice hairstyles without too much fuss. Two devices, two looks: enchanting mermaid and glamorous diva:

Let’s make some lovely curls!

Enchanting Mermaid

Bellissima Beach Waves for the perfect mermaid look with soft beach waves. This summer I was obsessed with this hairstyle, because it is so easy to achieve and so pretty to wear. I’ve already made an Instagram post about it: click, so I won’t get into too many details here. Just some key pros:

  • Easy and fast: while it might look a little complicated and time consuming it is actually very easy to use. You just clip your hair with it and move it along strands down to the ends. You can find a detailed tutorial here: click. I’d say it is pretty fast too, as I need from 15-20 minutes to become a beautiful mermaid.
  • Beautiful effect that lasts: I always liked the beach hairstyle, but disliked the matted and dry effect that salt left on my hair, so I tried with braids. That didn’t work well either, because the curls were too small and the hair ends didn’t look nice. This device proved to be a total game-changer for me, because I can finally have beautiful, glossy and soft beach curls. And the effect lasts until I wash my hair again!
  • No damage: I’ve used it basically all the time during the summer (colder seasons are reserved for glamour curls) and didn’t notice any damage whatsoever. Kudos!
  • Two styles: one tool, two styles. By turning the iron you can switch styles – you can choose tighter or softer curls. I always use the »soft curls« side, because the tight is too 80′. I’m really not in the early Madonna phase, nope.
  • Very safe: it is totally safe, no skin-burn hazard.

Cons? No cons this here! Just pretty mermaids!

100% Mermaid

Official technicalities:

  • 2in1 Beach Waves Iron: 1 single styling tool to easily achieve 2 different types of natural waves: tight or soft
  • Thermo Control: electronic temperature control between 160°C and 200°C (3 temperature levels)
  • Ceramic Coating: for even heat distribution and maximum protection of your hair
  • Closing system
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Base and protective cover
  • Anti-scalding tip
  • Revolving power cord
  • Cable length 1.8m


Available for 79,90€ in the Bellissima store. In Slovenia it is well discounted in the M-Tehnika store, and it costs 43,99€.

Bellissima Beach Waves is easy and safe to use

Glamourous Diva

My favorite style lately, featured by the Bellissima Curling Tong. Not as sophisticated as its cousins, but it works for me! I wasn’t so eager to try it and I had to be persuaded. I was just too traumatized from past experiences to give it a go at first. So this baby is the last to join my hairstyling family and I’m using it only a couple of months, but it is definitely this season’s favorite! Why:

  • Easy and fast: I need about 15 minutes to achieve the perfect look and it is easy to use. You just take a strand of hair that you wrap around the cone. It is a typical tong curler, no rocket science here.
  • Beautiful results: soft, glamorous, long lasting curls. They just last, I need to »wash them out«. The different measurements of the barrel make it possible to create different types of curls: large curls by wrapping your hair around the large part of the hot cone, tight and defined curls by only using the tip of the curling tong, and large curls with defined ends by wrapping your hair from the root over the entire conical tong. You can find a tutorial here: click
  • No damage: didn’t notice any damage whatsoever until now, but it is maybe still early.

Fast, easy and beautiful but definitely not perfect. If you’re clumsy like me you can easily burn your skin. You need to be careful, because the cone is not protected and it gets really hot (no s*it Sherlock!) which can burn you skin in seconds. It has a protective two-finger glove but I don’t use it, because it affects my grip and it doesn’t really protect the rest of your hands. Also, there’s a crevice where the cone is attached to the grip, where your hair might get stuck. You can avoid this by wrapping you hair on the cone below this crevice, but it is a little annoying nevertheless.

Still, my festive hairstyle favorite!

Glamorous hair with the Bellissima GT15 200 curling tong – my favorite hairstyle this season

Official technicalities:

  • The gloss ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution for maximum protection of the hair during styling.
  • Quick Heating System: the tong is ready for use in a few seconds
  • Diameter from 25mm to 13mm
  • Thermo Control from 150°C to 210°C
  • Quick Heating System
  • 2-finger thermal glove
  • Operating led
  • Cable length 1.8m


Available for 30,90€ in the Bellissima store. In Slovenia it is well discounted in the M-Tehnika store, and it costs 21,99€.

Perfect hairstyle for the upcoming festivities


So, bye bye dull, boring hair. These devices seriously changed my hair game and I love it! When it comes to curling devices I’m a rookie though, so you might keep that in mind. Nevertheless I think Beach Waves is one of a kind, while about the curling tong – I’m not sure what else the market has to offer. I’m very satisfied with it nonetheless, because it opened a new world of hairstyles to me, and I’m not giving it up anytime soon!

I hope you find it useful and I wish you a lot of beautiful hairstyles. If you feel lucky, I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon on my Instagram account with these three babies. You know the drill – stay tuned!

Bellissima curling tong is simple and very basic, yet I love it’s performance!

This post was made in collaboration with Bellissima All the featured products were gifted to me for testing purposes.

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