My Eucerin Atopicontrol Experience

In my previous post I wrote down some basic guidelines that can be helpful in managing atopic dermatitis: Dealing with atopic dermatitis, where I also emphasized the importance of a consistent and appropriate skin care. With this post I’m extending the skincare part by presenting some atopic skincare products – some of my favorites in the Eucerin AtopiControl bunch.

Why Eucerin? I decided to present the Eucerin products because they are effective on my skin and because I trust them. Not because of the extensive scientific researches behind the products but because they really help my skin and I can easily integrate them into everyday care. My skin beautifully responds to their specific formulations with Omega Fats and Licocalchone A, which successfully prevent and control the onset of the acute phase of my condition.

Eucerin’s AtopiControl products are not newbies in my skincare routines. They gained my trust long before this blog was created. Their AtopiControl face cream has been my loyal companion for several years and it’s simply my favorite face cream.The body lotion and shower oil are also old acquaintances that have successfully helped me when my skin went crazy. Well, there is one newbie all right, since I just recently discovered the hand cream which was a pleasant surprise.

All the AtopiControl products are free of irritants and fragrances. Their main ingredients help strengthen the skin barrier and inhibit inflammation and itching. The products are completely adapted to atopic skin needs and are also suitable for generally sensitive and irritated skin.

Well, let’s dive into detail:

Eucerin AtopiControl products are not newbies in my skincare routines

AtopiControl face cream

My precious! The only face cream I’ve purchased at least 10 times, though I have the honor of testing many quality creams. It may seem like a simple and boring moisturizer, but it can be a »Rainmaker« for atopic, sensitive or sensitized skin. Why am I so excited?

  • It quickly calms down my skin: not much more to say here – it just quickly soothes my skin when it is all red and inflamed.
  • Effectively strengthens the skin barrier: The formulation of this cream helps me keep my skin barrier more healthy and strong which is paramount when dealing with atopic dermatitis. This baby really works for me like a charm!
  • Smooths rough skin texture: I’m a beauty blogger, I do skincare experiments! Of course my atopic skin doesn’t like that and shows it’s disagreement by »rewarding« me with rough skin texture. AtopiControl smooths my skin to its original state in just about 3 days, which is super fast since it usually takes a week or two!
  • Long-lasting moisture: it has great long-lasting moisturizing properties and is also an excellent neutral moisturizer that easily integrates into any skincare routine.

The texture is on the lighter side, so extra dry skin may need some extra nourishing (like a drop of oil). It absorbs very quickly and leaves a soft and plump feeling on the skin. I’ve been recommending it to many who have atopic dermatitis, an impaired skin barrier, lichen, eczema, irritated skin, etc. I received great feedback from most! Here are some from my Instagram account:

»I don’t have atopic dermatitis, I have mixed skin that was messed up lately and I can 100% confirm, that it is one of the best creams I’ve ever tried. It does not clog my pores, I didn’t have any breakouts, my skin is radiant, taut, smooth and above all, perfectly moisturized. I also like that it is not scented, that it is intended for sensitive, but it also works great for healthy skin. In short, Tika, I’m glad I asked you for advice when I was having skin concerns. You helped me find this sweetheart!«

»I like this cream too, even if I don’t have atopic dermatitis. My skin is just whimsical and sensitive. I discovered it because of you, so thank you! “

»On your recommendation I’ve already bought the 2nd tube. It is also suitable for my 11 year old daughter!”

As you can see, I also recommend it as a neutral moisturizer for anyone with normal to dry skin, simply because it is a great moisturizer. It is perfect for combining with active ingredients and effectively strengthens the skin barrier. Every skin can benefit from a healthy barrier! It can be especially useful for anti-aging enthusiasts who tend to overdo when it comes to active ingredients in their routines.

Available for € 16 / 60ml at the pharmacy. You can ask for samples before purchase!

Eucerin AtopiControl Face Cream – my precious

AtopiControl body lotion

The body lotion is very nourishing. I tried it for the first time a few years ago  and in the past years, I’ve also tried other brands for atopic skin, but this one always finds a way back to my bathroom shelf. Why?

  • Runs a marathon: This lotion keeps my skin nourished and without itching for the longest time. As I don’t shower every day (which has significantly reduced my dry skin problems and atopic dermatitis symptoms!), I know very well how much a lotion or cream can handle. This baby doesn’t disappoint as it keeps my skin happy for 2 days with only one application. During this time, my skin doesn’t feel dry, doesn’t peel or has an itch. Kudos!
  • Thick but not heavy: It might look heavy and the application requires some effort, but it doesn’t linger on my skin and absorbs in about 10 minutes. My skin is soft and visibly nourished after use. It absorbs faster than body butters (that I also love to use), which tend to leave a greasy layer and don’t moisturize the skin to such an extent.
  • No itch! This is the part I like the most. I have considerable problems with itching on my shins (also due to shaving) but with  this lotion there is none!

Available for 19 € / 250ml in the pharmacy. They got samples for this one too!

Eucerin AtopiControl Body Lotion

AtopiControl cleansing oil

When you have atopic skin is paramount to choose appropriate cleansing products, because water furtherly dries the already dry atopic skin. For this purpose, atopic cleansing products contain syndet (a combination of gentle synthetic detergents that maintain the proper pH of the products), moisturizing ingredients and oils that restore moisture and lipids after washing. All this ingredients are there to help restore and maintain the skin barrier. AtopiControl cleansing oil is a very nice cleanser, because in my opinion, it stands out from the rest due to some key features:

  • More care: I feel that after using this cleanser my skin is it is not only less dry, but slightly more moisturized and protected compared to the effects of other atopic skin cleansing products. It actually leaves a protective layer on the skin, which it’s soft and supple, even radiant.
  • There’s foam: when dealing with atopic skin we aim to less foam becase foam usually has drying effects on the skin (if it’s a result of inadequate cleansing ingredients!), But personally, I like foam and when the product breaks down /changes it’s consistency. I just don’t like when the texture doesn’t change and drags itself down the skin like a snot! Of course, this varies from product to product (not every texture is like a snot), but I just like that this baby makes some foam which makes it more comfortable and easier to use. It is more mundane, more like classic cleansers! Of course, this is purely my personal preference, which probably has psychological roots as I equate foam with cleanliness.
  • Cleans well: Well, maybe it’s not just a psychological trick, since I have the feeling that it cleanses more thoroughly. This is noticeable when I use sunscreens or when I have red beet stains on my decollete (not eating red beet on the couch might be a better solution, but that’s another story).

Available for 16€ / 400 ml in the pharmacy. Again, you can ask for a sample size!

Eucerin AtopiControl Cleansing Oil

AtopiControl hand cream

Dry, cracked skin on the hands is a common problem for atopic dermatitis sufferers, so there’s also a hand cream among the AtopiControl products. Like the other products in this bunch it has the role of restoring and soothing irritated skin. With this rich, nourishing cream applied only once a day I quickly noticed the difference in the backs of my palms. In just a few days, my skin became much smoother and more radiant. In general I’m very consistent with nourishing and moisturizing my hands to avoid any problems, so I didn’t expect much by introducing this cream. After all, I’ve solved the worst with other hand care products, but I was curious, so here we are. It surprised me actually – and here is why:

  • Smooth, smooth, smooth: the formulation of this products really does wonders for my skin and the hand cream made this even more noticeable. No other cream made my hands so silky smooth. Even much more expensive creams with supreme formulations don’t match this effect. Baby skin smooth!
  • Nourishing that lasts: like the lotion and face cream, I really appreciate the long-term effects of these products throughout the day. This cream is very rich and as I can’t cope with greasy hands during the day, I apply it only once a day in the evening but the effect lasts through next day. Of course, keep in mind, that I’ve already went through the worst and that my skin no longer needs a full service, but I think that with its formulation and effects it would be able to cope with even more demanding skin situations. I also recommend it for perfectly healthy hands that need rich and effective care!

Available for 13€ /75ml in the pharmacy.

Eucerin AtopiControl Cream – the smoother


As said, the Eucerin AtopiControl products didn’t accidentally and suddenly found a place in my skincare routines. In the past years I’ve realized that their formulations are very suitable for my skin and help me successfully manage my atopic dermatitis. It was actually a pleasure to introduce them in more detail! If you are looking for quality, well-tested products that are easy to use, easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routines and can actually help you manage this condition, I really recommend to try them – ask for some samples! Why samples? Because I know that atopic skin is one whimsical lady who is particularly picky, so top quality and sophisticated formulations don’t necessarily provide a solution. Each skin has its own story, and atopic skin has many sub-chapters and footnotes. So I suggest you to give it a go with samples and see your skin’s response to the products first. This way you can be assured if this is the right, really helpful care for your skin and you’ll be able to be consistent with it.

Of course, I look forward to your every experience with these products! I’ll host a giveaway with some samples and full size products on my Instagram account shortly and you are very welcome to participate!

I wish you a healthy, smooth and radiant skin!

Eucerin AtopiControl products for Atopic Skin

This post was made in collaboration with Eucerin. All the featured products were gifted to me for the purposes of this post.

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