Double cleansing

Appropriate cleansing is the first and most important step in an effective skincare routine. You can put a ton of goodies on your skin, but nothing will change for better, if you have a layer of dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and SPF residue on the surface. Clogged pores look bigger, dead skin cells look, well, dead, makeup residues and excess sebum obstruct absorption, everything combined – hello acne breakouts and dull complexion.

On the other side, you can severely damage your skin’s natural protection with cleansing that is too frequent and that involves harsh ingredients and methods. This can result in an impaired skin barrier that leads to sensitized skin, prone to eczema, irritation, acne and dehydration.

So we’re looking for the perfect spot in between, that will clean your skin thoroughly but gently. Let’s roll!

Skintegra Atomic pre-cleansing microemulsion and Derma E Sensitive Skin Cleanser


…with double cleansing. Double cleansing is continuously proving to be a practical and thorough method for skin cleansing. I see it as one of the best things K-beauty managed to give to the skincare world. As the name suggests, it is composed of two steps – the first brings up all the dirt, and the second washes it away:

Step 1: oil-based cleansing that efficiently removes makeup, SPF and buildup. The trick is in »fighting fire with fire« as oil based cleansers can thoroughly remove, i.e. break down oil-based grime on skin. Oil based types of cleansers are: micellar water, other types of cleansing emulsions, oils and cleansing balms.

Step 2: the water-based cleansing efficiently washes off all of the oil-based cleansing residue. After the first step where we »lifted up« all the impurities, now we get to wash them off our skin, to obtain a deeper cleanse.  In this step we use water and a gentle cleansing gel. We can also include some cleansing device to achieve a better result, or to achieve some light exfoliation, if necessary.

Please note, you don’t need (and you shouldn’t double cleanse in the mornings. Step 2 is more than enough. You can freely skip the cleansing actually, especially if you have sensitive skin. For some a splash of water will be just enough, for some nothing will be the best option. Listen to your skin’s needs. When there’s no makeup, grime, SPF to clean, there’s no need for thorough cleansing.

Paese Micellar Solution 


…with the right products, frequency and devices. Did you know, that the most common cause of an impaired skin barrier is inappropriate cleansing? Mostly due to harsh products and violent habits?  So, be mindful to:

  • Choose quality cleansing products that contain gentle cleansing agents, have the right pH and that are suitable for your skin type. You can find some product suggestions in this post: click.
  • Double cleanse is reserved for evenings as oil-based cleansing is not necessary in the morning. Do not over-cleanse and always try to minimize the amount of cleanser, you don’t want to strip your skin of its natural protection.
  • Be careful with cleansing devices like Foreo, Clarisonic, Visapure etc. Some are gentler than other, but everyday use can be excessive, especially for sensitive skin or combined in a routine that includes regular exfoliation.
  • Cleanse with warm water, hot water can compromise your skin barrier.
  • Avoid any tugging or violent rubbing, just pat your skin with a clean towel to remove the excess water and put your serum, moisturizer on damp skin.

Cleansing Balms: Emma Hardie Moringa Balm, Eve Lom Balm Cleanser, Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm

Bonus tips:

  • Wash your hands before cleansing. It sounds rather basic, but it can easily slip your mind. Your face doesn’t need any extra dirt from your hands!
  • Always wash out the oil-based cleanser, especially if you’re using micellar water. It is not meant to be left on your skin all packed with dirt, waiting to soak up all the good oils too, leaving your skin all dried out. Read more about it in this article: Yes, you should rinse micellar water

Ready for a quick recap? Here you go:



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