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Atomic, Lunar and Sphynx


In my opinion, Skintegra is the true Croatian jewel. Like their splendid seaside, this brand is one of a kind and something you should absolutely put on your bucket list. When it comes to Skintegra I can assure you, you’ll not regret it. I know it sounds like a typical promotion, but if you got to know me a little by now, you know that I have an allergy to nonsense and bullshit. When I say that Skintegra is a no-nonsense brand, it means they deserved the highest compliment a brand can get from me.

When it comes to brands that combine high quality and research, it is common to find at least one product worth praising, but it is not that common to find a whole bunch of exceptional products, if not all of them. Quite the contrary! I’ll be the first to tell that a brand that is capable to produce more than a few exceptional products is a Unicorn.

I’ll bite my tongue one of these days, I swear. 

Is Skintegra a Unicorn?

Skintegra leads a refreshingly transparent, educational and modern approach to skincare with effective concentrations of active ingredients that are backed up with clinical research. Their products effectively target the most common skin concerns like acne, aging, pigmentation, enlarged pores etc. They are cruelty free and my favorite – they put a lot into a healthy skin barrier approach and all their products are formulated accordingly.

I’ve tried  three of their products so far and I’m mind-blown. While I obviously didn’t try all of their products (suitable for my skin), I’m fairly convinced about their Unicorn status, because I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from my skincare junkies and because they simply walk the talk. No boasting, no marketing fairy tales, no bullshit. Take a peek at their product descriptions and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now let’s move on to some short reviews! For the past 2,5 months I’ve been using Atomic for cleansing, Spyhnx around my eyes and Lunar moisturizer for moisturizing my face. All this products are gentle, suitable for sensitive skin, well formulated and scent free.

Skintegra Atomic, my love

Cleanser: Skintegra Atomic

It is a simply perfect cleansing emulsion suitable for the oil-based cleanse for every skin type. It is the best oil-based cleanser that I’ve ever used and I have a really hard time using all the other beautiful cleansing balms in my collection, while this baby looks at me from the shelf. Let me tell you why:

  • It is easy to use: the lovely oily emulsion spreads very easily and effectively removes all the makeup, dirt, sebum and SPF. After a little bit of dry »oil-massage« you just wet your hands and do some more massaging. The oil turns into a milky gel that is astoundingly easy to rinse without leaving any film or residue on the skin. It is nothing short of magical.
  • It is thorough and a little goes a long way. I use one pump if I don’t wear makeup and two pumps if I do. I use the extra pump around the eyes, to be sure to remove all the mascara and eyeliner. It is marvelously effective, not just for makeup but everything. I’m always a bit skeptical about residue but it simply never lets me down. While balms and oils are as effective in terms of cleansing they leave residue and an oily film that needs to be washed thoroughly off my skin, which means using a lot of gel cleanser and more fuss and rubbing. With Atomic, you’re good to go with just a quick gel cleanse and your skin will be clean and glowing!
  • It is gentle and absolutely perfect for keeping a healthy skin barrier or restoring an impaired one. No stinging, no rubbing, no harsh ingredients, no scent. It is perfect for any skin type from dry and sensitive to oily and acne prone.

This baby is just perfect. I can’t find anything that bothers me and I recommend it very much to everybody. 

Atomic’s texture is oily and clear at first, but when you add some water it changes into a milky -watery gel that rinses easily

Eye Cream: Skintegra Sphynx

Another stunning product. I’ve always had a hard time finding an eye cream that would suit my needs as I got a little bit older. I’ve been looking for something that would be nourishing enough to plump my wrinkles all around the day but that is also light enough, to stay put without the heavy feeling. While I was pretty happy with my Oskia balm it was a little bit too heavy, especially under makeup in warm weather. Sphynx succeeded, it is the first eye cream I wholeheartedly recommend to everybody. Why?

  • The ingredients are well formulated for the delicate area around your eyes, but still powerful enough to do something. It contains peptides for anti-aging effects, caffeine to reduce puffiness, a variety of lovely nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and some antioxidants. It contains also some anti-inflammatory and brightening agents. I didn’t notice any drastic changes though, but I don’t have problems with puffiness or dark circles, I have wrinkles and those stayed put, but I didn’t expect any changes in that area. Creams don’t remove wrinkles, botox does, but It will smooth the appearance all right! The formula is suitable for every skin type.
  • It is gentle without harsh ingredients and scent, even the texture looks and feels so puffy, delicate and gentle, like a souffle, I’m in love with the texture!
  • Nourishing yet light: it is amazing how it is just nourishing enough to keep my eye area well hydrated and plump all day but it absorbs quickly without any excessive residue. I was quite skeptical it would keep my under eye area moisturized all day through, especially under makeup, but it delivers. Kudos!

Not all fireworks though, I don’t like the packaging. While it was especially designed for precise application and has a little »tongue« applicator it is not practical. If you use it, some of the cream gets under the edge of the applicator where it dries and gets jucky. I don’t use it, because cleaning it after every application would mean extra fuss I’m not ready for. I just put a little bit of cream on my finger and I’m ready to go. I use the excess cream on my lips (works perfectly). The packaging in general is a little bit fragile and the cap cracks, but I like the design!

Sphynx has a little applicator, but it is not really practical. The texture though is dreamy!

Moisturizer: Skintegra Lunar

Lunar is another Skintegra product that is well formulated, suitable for sensitive skin and skin-barrier restoration / protection. While I love it, it is not actually my favorite moisturizer, but it is absolutely good enough to deserve the Tixiapproved seal. I’m recommending it all the time, because it is simply among the best and I receive a lot of thank you notes for suggesting it. Why? Keep reading

  • It is an excellent neutral moisturizer. It is packed with peptides, so it is supposed to have anti-aging proprieties too, but I still think of it as a neutral layer that gently and effectively moisturizes our skin. It is perfect for skin-barrier restoration protocol and an…
  • Excellent companion for soothing the side effects of powerful actives. It should be perfect for normal and dry skin (for very dry it blends lovely with a drop or two of some oil), but I wouldn’t totally dismiss it for oily skin either. It might be perfect for night-time pampering, moisturizing and soothing, especially when there are skin barrier or other sensitivity issues.
  • Again, love the texture: the texture and its effect is much like with Sphynx – light yet nourishing and very moisturizing. It is really not a heavy moisturizer and I really appreciate its capability of nourishing despite it strikes me as quite light. I think Skintegra has a reserved spot in heaven because of their chameleon textures!

Like Sphynx is not all fireworks. The packaging it’s also a bit flimsy. The cap cracks and all in all looks cheap, but hey – with this formulations and for this price I won’t be judgy. I’d also like to point out that compared to Atomic and Sphynx this baby just vanishes in thin air…I’ve practically used it all up in the testing period by using it only once a day. In comparison – I still  have half of Atomic and I’m fairly sure I still have lots of Sphynx. 

Lunar, skin lover. The cap cracks but the insides are pure love


If you’re looking for quality skincare products that deliver you found the brand definitely worth exploring.  You know I like to keep it real, so don’t expect your wrinkles to go MIA or any other major changes (if you take good care of your skin already, that is), but you can count on a beautiful skincare experience, glowy and healthy skin, a strong skin barrier and a general youthful appearance due to quality ingredients. Skintegra has most definitely one of the best price vs. performance ratios in general and I really highly recommend it.

If you ask me which is my favorite – definitely Atomic. It just blows my mind how good it is.

Got any questions! Don’t be shy, I’m happy to help!

This post was made in collaboration with Superskin. All the featured products were gifted to me for testing purposes.

Skintegra Lunar. Textures, textures I love


  1. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post❤.
    One question ?
    If I do double cleansing at night, Can I use Atomic as the first step? And then follow by a water based cleanser?
    Thank you!!

    • Of course, Atomic is great for the first cleanse. It can be used also solely though. Hope this helps!

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