Review: Miss Alice Hey, Gorgeous! Hydrating Serum

I’m really not an avid consumer of hydrating serums, because I had routines including hyaluronic acid and I wasn’t really impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like they don’t work, it is just that I don’t feel them really working on deep and long term hydration and I’m just not a fan of quick fixes and hyaluronic acid seems just like a quick fix to me. Just plumping them dead skin cells up to achieve a fake plumped look. Yup, fake. I never felt like it really hydrated my skin, it just looked it did. 

So when I came across yet another hydrating serum – Hey, Gorgeous! from Miss Alice I didn’t expect much, but I liked the idea of using a hydrating serum that contains THE hyaluronic acid (I’m really not immune to cosmetic hypes you know!) but also other humectants that I like with a pinch of antioxidants, so I’ve decided to give it a go. I really wanted to give another chance to hydrating serums and I actually wanted an extra hydrating »oomph« anyway, so here we are!


First – this baby is all natural if this is something you get excited about. I don’t that much, but I kind of like the idea and I most definitely like the short and transparent INCI list! It contains rose water which is known for its hydrating and soothing effects and other really nice humectants like glycerin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid in form of sodium hyaluronate, which is known to be the most effective form of hyaluronic acid. It also boasts with vitamin C in the SAP form, which is a form my (sensitive) skin can cope with, and keeps company to two another antioxidants, one is the latest wonder in the skincare world PHA (Gluconolactone) and the other – Acai berry. It also contains safe forms and concentrations of essential oils for scent and preservation.


Don’t even get me started about this. The box itself is hilarious. Of course this is not relevant for a product review, but I can most definitely appreciate a good laugh and a really fresh approach  (I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I work in marketing!). I like it, I really like how it blends perfectly in my #badass vibes, I can actually hear the box and the bottle flirting with me, and I am proud knowing that this is a product of Slovenian minds. Kudos!

Ok, let’s get back to the review. The bottle contains 15 ml of this lovely humectant and it isn’t really anything special. An ordinary bottle with a dropper that works as it is supposed to, definitely not the best, but neither the worst I’ve used.


The texture is light, watery with a very light oily finish. It has a very light orange color and  a little goes a really long way, leaving a smooth, dewy finish. I use about 5-6 drops for my face, neck and decollete spreading it lightly into my skin. It absorbs in an instant leaving a slightly damp, refreshing, smoothed feeling on the skin which blends beautifully under a moisturizer or SPF cream forming and immediate dewy look. But it wasn’t all that pretty at the beginning of our relationship, because the scent really shocked me at first! As I’m generally opposed to any scents in my skincare, I was really taken aback. I didn’t expect roses & violets on steroids and I wasn’t so eager anymore to put this concoction on my face. But, of course, I’m way too curious for that. And I did it and I’m happy I did. I’d still prefer a scent-free version, but that’s me and at least is not that fake, chemical scent (that just wouldn’t pull through no matter what). In a week or so, I actually grew fond of it and now I miss it if I skip it in my routine.  Yeah, I’m strange like that.

Price vs. Performance

To recap the effects I’d say that I really love the long-lasting hydration this little guy offers. I can actually skip the moisturizer in my AM routine, without getting the dry prune look peeking  through my makeup and SPF. It gives me so much more than any hyaluronic acid serum I’ve tried so far, because it goes somehow deeper but still manages to produce that dewy look on the skin surface we all aim for. If you’re considering topping your routine with a hydrating serum this is one most definitely worth taking into consideration. Of course, if you don’t mind the natural floral scent.

The price is about 20€ for 15 ml. Not quite a bargain but a little goes a really long way. In a month and a half I’m almost half through it,  but I used it also on my neck and decollete, so I guess that it would last me 5-6 months if I’d apply it only on my face. In my opinion it is a worthy companion for your skin, effectively and thoroughly hydrating but also protecting your skin from oxidative stress. And last but not least, it is also cruelty free.


Price vs. Performance

NAME: Miss Alice Hey, Gorgeous! Intensely Hydrating Facial Serum

TESTED FOR: 1,5 months

ORIGIN: PR sample for testing

PRICE: approx. 20€ for 15 ml



  • Deep and effective hydration
  • Contains also vitamin C and PHA
  • Makes your skin dewy and plump
  • Natural & Cruelty free


  • The scent might be overpowering


  1. Great review, I really enjoyed reading it. I’m a fan of Hey, gorgeous! serum, I’ve been using it for a month, but I’m more than a half through, so I guess I’ve been using it too generously. I would also be happy to read your review on their Wake up serum when or if you try it. And the packaging is really wonderful – I also felt like it was talking to me.

    • Hi Maja! Thanks for your comment <3 I use everything really sparingly, less is more 😀 Do you maybe have the small Travel/Test version? Because half a bottle in a month really seems a lot!
      Otherwise, with three normal sized (but still smallish) drops, I can cover my face and the excess I use on my neck - but I don't use it on the upper side of my face (forehead and eye area), because there I use Argireline and I'm not a fan of too much layering.
      I'm using the Night Shift serum now, here and there when needed, we'll see about Wake up, I have to make room in my routine 😀 The packaging is the best ever!!! <3

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