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I met this beautiful Slovenian brand about a year ago and since then I’m hooked. Our relationship actually began because of my atopic dermatitis that was very challenging for me for about 20 years. I had severe problems with it, especially on my palms which were covered with eczema all the freaking time [and that was actually very crippling!]. Corticosteroids were my only savior but I avoided them as much as I could in fear of collateral damage, so I was always looking for safer remedies. Nothing really worked until I met Skinfairytale’s Atopic creams. Atopicbalm saved me magnificently and I’m off corticosteroids since last year. A real life fairytale that is!

OK, I just got carried away – because this is not about atopic dermatitis but summer and summer essentials! I just wanted to explain how this beautiful brand gained my trust and led to an exploration of their products, which never cease to amaze me. Among them, I really like this two summer products that I’ll present today. Because it is still summer, right?

Skinfairytale summer essentials: Aftersun Lotion and Chocotan Lotion

Aftersun Lotion

I’m really not a sunbather and I’m obsessed about not getting any sunburns, but it happens! Little miss Perfect is not so perfect after all. When I received the After Sun Lotion for testing I said I won’t really need that, but hey, it is  a nice lotion, let’s see! And I guess I jinxed it all up, because just a few days after receiving it, I fell asleep at the beach. I was under an umbrella and all neatly covered up, but the sun moved and the pareo slipped of my hip. Go figure! I woke up with a nasty sunburn on my hip. And this lotion saved it during the night! I don’t have many experiences with sunburns and after-sun lotions, but it still seemed like a little miracle nevertheless.

Additional confirmations of its exceptional effects came very soon, when my beautiful neighbor Katja got a sunburn and I ran to her with this baby. She couldn’t believe it either, how fast the redness and pain subsided and I’ve never seen that particular lotion again. She just adopted it and I had to get a new one! So, why do I (we!) really like it:

  • It effectively works on sunburns and promotes fast skin healing: as stated above, a little miracle! The formulation has all the goodies needed for that – moisturizers like glycerin, oils for nourishing like sunflower, mango and castor oil, strong regenerating agents like panthenol, aloe vera with is well known soothing effects and a little menthol for cooling – not too much, just a hint, to have a pleasant refreshing effect when your skin is burned.
  • It is natural: while I’m not all about natural when it comes to face skincare, I absolutely prefer natural products for my body. Why? Because it is a larger surface and It safer to opt out for well formulated natural products. Also, when it comes to sunburns or sensitive and damaged skin, it is a no brainer.
  • It works good as a moisturizer in general. While it requires some extra effort to spread and it can leave a faint sticky feel right after the application it absorbs super fast. It is very light but still manages to effectively moisturize the skin with immediate visible effects. Burned skin needs a lot of moisture so there’s that, but we like to use it on healthy skin too, because it is just great – my husband is thrilled, he likes that it doesn’t leave any residue. He puts it on his face too and indulges in the moisture and the gentle lavender/chamomile scent (I’m not so trilled about the latter, but hey – It is Husband approved).

Let’s cut the essays and have a short pros and cons recap:

Chocotan Lotion

First and foremost – it is not a selftanner. It is makeup for your body and face that gives you immediately the tanned and sunkissed look without the nasty selftanner after-scent and without the UV damage from Sun exposure. I love it since day one – I also loved its predecessor Chokoladka, which had the same effects, but with a thicker formula, so this is the upgraded version that I greeted with open arms (and word goes it will get even better for next season!). I use it mostly for my face to have the most beautiful, glowing sunkissed look ever, sometimes I extend the use also my neck, decollete and legs – when I show them off. My legs are actually quite dark-skinned, so I use it mostly for the glow and for evening the skin tone, covering up some minor imperfections. Beautiful! bit you must be careful not to use it with light colored outfits, because in the end we’re still talking about makeup that comes off. The main reasons why I like it are:

  • The safe and beautiful sunkissed look: the gentle shimmer and the formulation gives the most perfect natural glowing look. With layering you can deepen the tan and the glow– but keep in mind that layers also mean more product and poorer absorption, which can lead to staining (clothes, furniture etc., when applied on the body).
  • It is natural: while I’m not very much into natural, I still prefer natural products whenever possible, even when it comes to makeup and especially when it comes to larger skin areas.
  • It takes care of your skin: it is nourshing and takes care of your skin but not too thick or heavy, to linger around and stain everything you happen to brush by. Anyway you shall wait a couple of minutes for absorption, to minimize any transfers. It doesn’t dry the skin out like self-tanners and sun exposure might.

Maybe also a little word about how I use it, to achieve perfect results:

  • Overall glow on my face and decollete: I mix a small amount in my liquid foundation or BB creme. Just about a nail-tip amount, if I want subtle glow, and about small pea size amount if I want a more tanned and glowing look.
  • Bronzer on my cheeks: a nail-tip of Chocotan for both cheeks. I spread it on my fingers and tap it lightly on the apples of my cheeks. I use it also with a makeup sponge – but I use more product.
  • As a lip gloss/lipstick: it has a beautiful bronzed YLBB shade and feels really nice on the lips. I keep it my purse in a small jar for touch-ups.
  • On my legs: I mix it with a body butter to ease the spreading and for an even application. This type of application gives my legs a light sunkissed look. If I want to get a more dramatic St. Tropez look I put a light layer of some body lotion and then Chocotan – to ease the spreading. I tap it on at the end and wait a couple of minutes for it to »settle« on the skin. It will not stain everything you touch after it settles but as said before stay clear of light colored clothing and furniture.

My Chocotanned left leg 

Intrigued? You can find these products here:

Skinfairytale Aftersun Lotion: Click

Skinfairtytale Chocotan: Click

There is more about these babies on my Instagram account – check  my stories (under the highlight »Reviews«). I will be also hosting a giveaway very soon – a Chocotan will be looking for a warm home! Don’t miss it!

Chocotan – new packaging

This post was made in collaboration with Skinfairytale. All the featured products were gifted to me for testing purposes.

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