Review: Oskia Citylife I-Zone Balm

My current eye cream is Oskia Ciytlife I-Zone balm, that I got in the last year’s Cult Beauty Goody Bag.


It is actually more a rich balm packed with nourishing oils (Avocado, Shea, etc.), antioxidants (Vitamin E, Astaxanthin), has a also a retinoid – Retynil Palmitate and has White Lupin in a patented form of Collagenner that is supposed to give your skin a plumped, youthful look. Overall the ingredients are definitely above average, even with the essential oil (preservative, fragrance) that can be irritating – especially for sensitive skin, if inadequately formulated. It looks like that this is not the case for this product, as I didn’t experience any irritation but quite the opposite, I find it very soothing. The INCI list is also pretty short, which we like, because less is more!


It is packaged in a tube which is suitable for this formulation (a jar would most definitely be an epic fail considering the ingredients) but I’d prefer a pump, since the oily part of the formulation doesn’t blend well with the creamy part and the oil  just pours from the opening, leaving the creamy part behind.  Even if I shake it before use, getting an optimal dose of the product feels really like playing Bingo, as I almost always squeeze too much product out.


The texture on the skin is heavy, greasy and it doesn’t absorb well. I actually don’t mind that, because due to dry skin I like »enbalming« myself like a mummy. If that’s not your case, you can just skip the rest of the review, because this baby is definitely too thick and heavy for you.  But if you have dry, dull, lacklustre skin in your orbital area, keep reading.

To recap the effects I’d say that I really love the nourishing effect that lasts. Usually my eye area dries very quickly under my makeup and my fine lines, well, fine is not the right word for what happens afterwards… With this balm in the evening and a really tiny amount in the morning, before I put my makeup on, my eye area stays nourished and plump all day long. I use it on my lips too (as recommended by the manufacturer) for a bit of plumpness and nourishment. I love the natural scent too.

I cannot say that I can see some permanent diminishing in my fine lines (and I don’t expect that in general), but I can say that nourishment does the trick by making them less obvious. I’m very pleased with the performance in terms of glow, nourishment and the smoother appeareance of my skin.

Price vs. Performance

The price is about 60€ for 20 ml. Definitely not cheap but it lasts ages (I’m kind of annoyed about this actually, because I’m already past the due date despite everyday use). Is it worth it­? Would I repurchase? I’m not sure! I might if I didn’t have a long to-test-list, but it is hard to recommend it generally based on price / performance criteria, because it is so specific and expensive.

I will leave the decision up to you, but you might consider giving it a try if you feel like splurging and if you have very dry, dehydrated and lackluster orbital area. As said, the INCI looks good – but that might just be all that is – looks. The thing with INCI is, that we see only a part of the story behind it.


Price vs. Performance

NAME: Oskia City I-Zone Balm

TESTED FOR: 9 months

ORIGIN: Goody Bag content with purchase

PRICE: approx. 60€ fo 20ml

BUY: Cult Beauty, Naturismo, Beauty Bay


  • Ingredients above average
  • Long-lasting nourishing and plumping effect


  • Pricey
  • Flimsy texture


  1. Woow, I love how thorough you are! Although my skin isn’t that dry, I also appreciate a good nourishing product around my eyes … And I have so many items to go through as well that I won’t be buying anything new soon! ?
    Look forward for more! <3

    • Thank you Vesna! There will be some new reviews soon 🙂 About this one…it is kinda pricey anyway 😛

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