Review: La Decollette Anti-aging Bra

Wait, what?

This is not a stuffed toy uterus or some chernobyl octopus it is the decollette bra, the anti-aging bra. I call it the boobster and I can’t live without it!

This “device” is especially designed to prevent wrinkle formation on your cleavage while you sleep, with a breast separation method. It is comfortable, totally safe, non-invasive very effective and sustainable.

Why even?

A few years ago I was starting to be very concerned about the look of my cleavage, because It began to look like I’ve just hit 100. Yeah 100. I’ve always had problems with wrinkling my cleavage during sleep, but after my 30th it went significantly south. Due to natural decrease of collagen and elastin my skin just couldn’t get back to the normal smooth state during the day, and as night went by, the wrinkles just got deeper. If you think I’m being rather dramatic, take a close look at the before & after photos below. The before photo was taken recently after only one night without the bra.

Can you imagine how my cleavage would look like night after night? I can’t even…You can still see some thin wrinkles on my after photo, but I really tend to »squish« my poor cleavage and I can see those little ones in the morning that vanish during the day. There are also silicone decollete pads (that work like patches) that might be even more effective, but I opted out for a more permanent, cheaper and environment friendly option. I have it for 4 years now.

Do you need it? I actually don’t know many women who really need it, it just seems that I’m in the minority that crinkles her cleavage while sleeping in such extent, that transforms into grandma material. If your decollete is wrinkled after sleeping like mine, than this is the product that absolutely beats any cosmetic solution and I highly recommend it! There’s no cream nor treatment, that can beat prevention.

Quality and maintenance

It is made from high quality, European materials. Unfortunately only the inner lining is of cotton and I’d certainly prefer less synthetic materials but I really can’t say I experience any material related discomfort in terms of heat, itching, stickiness etc. I was a little concerned also about the hygiene and maintenance, as it shouldn’t be washed in the machine, but one day I just threw it in on the hand wash program and it turned up just fine. I can’t be bothered with hand wash, and you shouldn’t be either, if you decide to give it a chance.


How to use
Price vs. Performance

NAME: La Decollette anti-aging Bra

TESTED FOR: 4 years

ORIGIN: Purchased

PRICE: 50€ + 15€ postage



  • Very effective
  • Sustainable


  • Mostly synthetic materials
  • Recommended maintenance is not practical

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