Review: Near Skin Total Ceramide Cream

It is been too long since my last review! This time a simple yet essential product, an effective moisturizer. I’m presenting you Missha Near Skin Total Ceramide Cream which I initially bought for my Husband and than ended stealing it from him every day. Got sensitive, dry skin? Need a quality occlusive for your precious actives? Need something to strengthen your skin barrier? Need a reliable moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated thorough the day? Need to re-hydrate your skin? Keep reading – this one is a sure winner.


It contains lovely humectants and three types of essential ceramides that help retain moisture in the skin and contribute significantly to the skin barrier restoration. It has also the latest »OMG« ingredient PHA (in form of maltobionic acid) that makes the skincare community point its ears lately. It is an AHA acid, but much less irritating and thus suitable for exfoliation of sensitive skin. It also has antioxidant and moisturizing properties and it is known for its possible positive effects on the skin surface strength. In general all the ingredients are clean and soothing, suitable for sensitive skin and perfect for skin barrier protection/restoration.


It is packaged in an aluminium tube which is suitable for this formulation and allows optimal usage. I love the minimalist, pharmaceutical design with the ingenious addition of the dotted line, where you can write the date of opening, so you can keep track of the due date. I also like the aluminum tube, because you can actually squeeze all the product out at the end, without cutting it in half. All in all, pretty and very practical!


The texture is creamy, very soft but on the light side. Despite the lightness it is fairly nourishing and it spreads really easily while forming a kind of watery consistency. I’d say it can be suitable for all skin types if applied in the right amount (please keep in mind your specific concerns – if some ingredients clog your pores etc.). If you’re on the dry side, you can also add a drop of rose hip oil or squalane and it works like a charm. If you’re on the oily side, you can just put a smaller amount as it spreads beautifully and evenly even in a very thin layer. It absorbs very quickly without lingering on the skin. It has one of the loveliest textures I’ve seen in a moisturizer so far, the »creamy transits to jelly« effect is just stunning. It has no scent whatsoever.

Price vs. Performance

It costs about 25€ for 50 ml and it is well worth it, since it exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, where I’d like to point out the long- term effect on skin texture. It actually smooths the skin surface as promised. It is just perfect for sensitive, eczema prone skin or sensitized skin, that needs smoothing, calming and restoration. Not that you need all that fuss to consider using it, because I think it is a really good moisturizer for just about any skin. It is a winner for anybody who wants to improve skin smoothness, invest in quality skin barrier protection and effective hydration. The only thing is, this is a fairly simple moisturizer, so if you want some sophisticated »activity«, you have to add serums with active ingredients targeting your skin concerns. It is a perfect complementary care for skin on actives due to its exceptional soothing and skin barrier supporting proprieties. Nevertheless, being simple doesn’t make it a simpleton. We all have to go back to basics for achieving healthy skin goals!


Price vs. Performance

NAME: Missha Near Skin Total Ceramide

TESTED FOR: 3 months

ORIGIN: Purchased in Missha Slovenia

PRICE: approx. 25€ fo 60 ml

BUY: Missha Slovenia, Ebay


  • Great moisturizer
  • Smoothing skin effect
  • Perfect for skin barrier restoration
  • Great for complementing actives


  • I just can’t find one that makes any sense


    • O kako fino! Upam, da ti bo odgovarjala, prosim poročaj! Me zelo zanima, kako se tudi pri komu drugem obnese 🙂

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